Melinda Eng

Melinda, a Washington native received a Bachelor of Arts in Law, Societies & Justice from the University of Washington, a Master’s of Science from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Seattle University. Prior to pursuing Nursing, Melinda worked in management with multiple large banks and with Starbucks. She strived for a career change where she knew she could create a lasting and impactful impression on a person. She is passionate about empowering individuals through equitable, accessible, and supportive reproductive healthcare through joint-decision making. She is looking forward to working with a caring group of healthcare providers to promote trust, respect, and patient autonomy.

Outside of work Melinda teaches Scottish drumming, she enjoys all things outdoors, travelling, visiting breweries, cooking, baking and spending quality time with her husband Alex. She can’t wait to see all things that Michigan has to offer.

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