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Office Information

Nursing Office
Our knowledgeable nurses have many years of combined experience and are available during office hours to answer all of your questions. With certifications in women’s health and high risk obstetrics, we are always staffed with multiple nurses each day to meet patient needs. Please don’t hesitate to call.

Prescription Refills
In general, prescription refills are handled at the time of your office visit. (Please note that if you have not seen your doctor within the past year we may not be able to refill your prescription by phone.)

Onsite Lab Services
We offer convenient onsite laboratory services for many of your needs, including routine blood work. Labs can be done on the day of your visit by a Munson Medical Center phlebotomist, now located on the 1st floor of our building.

Lab Reports
All laboratory results—including pap smears, biopsies, etc.—are always communicated back to the patient, either in writing, through a personal phone call or through the patient portal. In general, patients can expect test results within three weeks of the procedure. If a patient has not heard from us within that time, we ask that you notify our office.

Medical Records
All patient medical records are kept onsite at the Grand Traverse Women’s Clinic. Because of the strict confidentiality of your records, we may not release them to another physician without your written permission. We handle record transfers promptly, with a nominal charge of $15. In compliance with state law, paper medical records generated at this office are preserved for seven years and subsequently destroyed.

As of September 2012, we transferred to an electronic medical records system—your paper chart in electronic form. This is in order to be compliant with government regulations and to streamline healthcare. We are able to have an organized chart system to provide you the most competent care at the time of your visit, quickly get lab results directly into your chart from the lab, e-prescribe your medication at the instant you are seen, promptly send notes and necessary chart information for referrals you may have, document and print patient education materials for you on the spot, along with many other capabilities the system offers.

Patient Portal 

We are pleased to provide you with online access to your healthcare information with our patient portal. The patient portal also allows you to, verify upcoming appointments, request a medication refill, send a non-emergent message to a staff nurse and the ability to pay on your balance. To view your health information, simply click on the Health Information button within the patient portal. There is a link on this home page that will take you directly to the patient portal.

When you provide us your email address at time of check-in, you will be sent an email inviting you to join the patient portal. Your email address is your user name/login. Follow the instructions in the email you receive inviting you to join regarding your password for the portal.  Please note, accessing the portal works best from Google Chrome. Your initial password is only good for 24 hours and are case sensitive. It is recommended that you set your security questions in the portal.

After each visit with us, when the provider completes your exam, you will get an email letting you know there is information for you to view in your portal. Information such as vital signs, problems lists, medication and previous lab results will be in your portal. You may also receive patient education in the form of a link or an attachment. If you had labs performed on the day of your visit, or after your visit with us, those results will not be visible in your portal until after your next visit with us.  For pregnant patients, because we do not create an exam at each visit instead we use a running nurse note, these do not get sent to the portal.