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The path to bringing a new generation into this world is often accompanied by joy, worry and everything in between. Our compassionate team of obstetricians and certified nurse midwives will be with you every step of the way, with care and support in fertility, prenatal and postpartum services.

On-Site Ultrasound
For your convenience, Grand Traverse Women’s Clinic provides on-site ultrasound examinations with two highly trained and experienced sonographers.

3D Ultrasound
Imagine if you were able to see your unborn child’s every detail; eyelashes, lips and even fingernails. The General Electric Voluson—a 3D ultrasound technology offered by Grand Traverse Women’s Clinic—brings these possibilities to life. As the first clinic to provide this technology in Northern Michigan, we are bringing patient care to a new level at GTWC.

The ultrasound machine works by taking a series of two-dimensional images on different planes, and then does a computer regeneration where the photos mesh together, giving the patient a three-dimensional image.

We now offer the latest innovative technology that lets us email images of your unborn child to you during your ultrasound exam eliminating the need for CD’s or recording the scan on personal devices. Provide us with your email at the end of the scan and images will be instantly sent to you by our technicians.

Fertility Services
At Grand Traverse Women’s Clinic, we understand that while achieving pregnancy can be one of life’s greatest joys, for some couples, attempting pregnancy can be a frustrating. We provide many services to help you conceive. It is our goal to assist you with understanding your evaluation and treatment during this time.

Initial consultations will usually include a review of all applicable history and overview of further diagnostic testing and examinations. Appropriate labs and radiologic studies will be ordered. Based on results, follow-up appointments will be scheduled so that we may make detailed recommendations for further care. We try to limit testing to what has been proven useful in clinical applications.

A common issue is that insurance often does not pay for many tests and procedures related to fertility treatment. Therefore, we ask for payment at time of service. If your appointment falls on a weekend, we ask that you make payment prior to services. Please contact your insurance company, lab or pharmacy for your coverage information or anticipated charges. The following are cost estimates for some of the more common tests and treatments we provide in our office.


Follicle Study: $225                                    Office visit fee: $100-$135                                            Office services provided after hours: $150/visit

Clomid/Femara/Ovidrel:  Cost varies by pharmacy. Ovidrel if given in office -$330

IUI with sperm washing: $525/cycle                      IUI with sperm bank specimen: $430/cycle

We also partner with The Fertility Center in Grand Rapids to bring their fertility services closer to you. For more information, please contact The Fertility Center at 616-988-BABY or toll-free at 877-904-4483, or you can visit their website at

Nurse Midwifery 

We have a group of highly qualified, well trained Certified Nurse Midwives on staff to help provide exceptional care to our patients.

High-Risk Pregnancy

In addition to decades of experience caring for high risk pregnancies, we now partner with Maternal Fetal Medicine experts from the University of Michigan to bring world class care to Northern Michigan.

Pregnancy FAQ
Have questions about your pregnancy? Click here to read the top questions we get asked by pregnant women.


How To Contact Us After Hours

After hours if you feel you may be in labor, that your water may have broken OR for pregnancy-related emergencies  please go to Munson Medical Center’s maternity unit or emergency room for evaluation.