for all women



OUR GOAL in creating Grand Traverse Woman’s Clinic was to assemble a first-class team of doctors with just the right mix of intelligence, experience, compassion and approachability to best serve our patients. Our providers each bring a unique combination of clinical expertise and patient sensitivity. The doctors who make up our practice are all husbands or wives, moms or dads—just like many of you. We’ve been through hard labors of our own, had mothers and sisters facing hysterectomies, had to ask those “uncomfortable” questions during an exam and have also experienced the peace of mind that comes with having a trusted physician.

It’s not just our physicians who will make you feel at home—when you enter our waiting room you may be struck by its inviting feel. No hospital-white walls here! Instead, you’ll be greeted by friendly receptionists, a bulletin board plastered with our most recent arrivals as well as community information and offerings for our patients.  Our trained clinical assistants also add a level of comfort as they guide you to exam rooms, take blood pressure and collect necessary information for your visit.

But perhaps most important is our view on women’s health itself. We strongly believe that the best patient is a well-informed one. By educating the patients who have entrusted their care to us, we seek to empower these strong, vital women. And that is truly a goal worth achieving.




If you need additional information about COVID-19 and pregnancy please go to Many of your questions can be answered there.


  • The masking requirement for COVID-19 has been lifted. However, we ask if you have symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, cough or fever that you wear a mask to your appointment to protect our patients and staff.